Thursday, January 1, 2009

Why do Filipinos eat Rice on every meal?

It is ingrained in our culture and in our psyche as Filipinos.

For as long as one can remember, Filipinos have been eating rice alongside favorite dishes and everyday meals. A pinoy can relate to feelings of fullness and satisfaction with eating rice. But it doesn't mean Pinoys can't live without all the carbs. We can adapt to other cuisines such as the case of Pinoys living abroad who have adapted to bread, cheese, couscous or other food staples.

Rice is our staple food. For a Filipino, its hard not to go without it.


  1. kasi nga noon pa man maalat pagkain ng pilipino, cge kainin mo ng solo ang adobo.

  2. masarap ang kanin

  3. pwede namng papakin ang adobo ahhh...
    bakit ba walang pakielaman

  4. hahah kasi di ssrap ang ulam kong wlang kanin dba?

  5. Ok, but why plain white rice all the time? It's got no more flavor than a Kleenex tissue. How about garlic rice, or wild rice, etc.?