Thursday, January 1, 2009

A question about marriage and separation in the Philippines?

I know people stick together mainly for religious/traditional reasons but if you think about it......why then there are so many "separated" couples? They aren't divorced, but "separated." If this is the case why not be more practical, honest and realistic about it and just allow divorce in the country, split up fairly? I find it quite amusing, that's all.

I know what you mean too =) The Church likes to poke its nose into everything and the last thing it wants to hold onto in this century, are the marriage laws. Besides making off tons of money off nuptials and the required religious seminar prior to marriage, the Catholic church remains single-minded and insensitive to other religious groups in the country by forcing "separation" and "annulment" into the laws.

Why am I so angry? These people in the Church are not even married to even know what they're talking about. If they were practical and realistic, divorce would be a better option and would even the playing field a little for both sexes.

Annulment is a circus that takes years of dragging your kids to court, even long after both parties have settle amicably with new partners and offsprings. A speedy annulment would depend on how deep your pockets are, sometimes its a game of which spouse would call it first or who would agree to publicly admitting psycho incapacity just to get it over and done with. if you're a celebrity to boot then you can play things in your favor.

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