Thursday, January 1, 2009

Why in the Philippines that people always stare?

You're probably that interesting and you stand out in a crowd.

It could be your fashion sense, your hair style, hair color, your demeanor, your accent. Its easy to shock or get people's attention here. Generally pinoys are not fashion risk takers, they don't like to be poked fun at by their fellow pinoys. Pinoys like to give the head-to-toe stare in general and try to assess you. But all of this happens like a reflex for some people, it can simply mean they are just curious or fascinated or appalled by you =)

FYI, this question was from an expat or balikbayan who is still unnerved by the local case of the "stares" :D


  1. The whole "staring" bit gets worse in the provinces. You only get away with flamboyance if you're gay. Try wearing anything fashion forward or trendy such as boots or certain hats and you'll be met with raised eyebrows plus a megaton of "lait" or ridicule. Haha!

  2. Hy,
    It can get pretty annoying...
    but they're harmless...
    having grown up in Singapore where it is rude to stare..i remember feeling bloody murderous when stared at here...sometimes I'd growl at strangers...took me a long while to get used to i got into more of the Manila culture...i eventually made peace with it:)

  3. I'm glad you got used it. Don't you feel like a celebrity sometimes? Haha. Well, Singapore is rather the extreme end, people are kinda cold, there's no charm or what we call here 'lambing' (sweet talk). Its all business for the Singaporeans which goes well for their very clean city :)