Thursday, January 1, 2009

Why did the Filipinos throw away much of the Spanish elements of their culture?

Wouldn't the Philippines be a much better country if there was still a huge Spanish influence there? It would be nice if the Filipinos were still speaking Spanish instead of English.

There is still many elements of Spanish culture in the Philippines, but not much as before, why is that? And why did the Filipinos discard it?

The Spanish influence is still there, but only the language is dead. Only some of our grandparents are the ones left speakng Spanish.

The Spaniards during their centuries of rule were quite selective and didn't freely offer classes for Filipinos. They were elitist and kept the fluency of the language only for those who they deemed worthy or holy or influential.

The language died once the Americans came and established schools here after the war. They made the language available for study to any Filipino. Plus decades of American pop culture and the idealism for the American dream still reign supreme; Making English the lingua franca.

You'll be surprise some Filipinos are much better in English or in their provincial dialects than in Tagalog which is the national language.

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