Thursday, January 1, 2009

Who Do I Approach about my Preservatives Business in the Philippines?

-I have one product that I want to preserve it in order to prolong the expiry date, this product
suppose for public consumption.

-I need also an advised or recommendation regarding the packaging of this product.

-If ever I have to opened this kind of small business, Is it required to hire licensed chemist for the preparation of that certain processed food or not necessary to hired?

Consult the BFAD ( or DTI, such products are subject under their regulations before you can release it to the public.

DTI usually has ties in with DOST regarding prolonging certain product expiry dates especially if you plan to go into export.

Initially you will be required to hire professionals to provide technical documentation and quality assurance about your product that it is safe and the manafucturing conditions are par with regulations standards (like if its clean, doesn't contain harmful chemicals, ingriedients, if your labels are stamped accordingly with nutritional guidelines etc)

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