Thursday, January 1, 2009

How can I find Someone in the Philippines?

Hmm... tricky.

If its a "missing" or a "long lost relative"?

You need to go through formal channels, but asking them to answer you back will take some time and perhaps to even personally go to their offices a couple of times with a formal request letter.

To trace anyone in the Philippines, a relative or a lost loved one provided you know their real and complete name. You may ask the NBI (National Bureau of Investgation) which keep records of any Filipino who has sought a job. Local Employers require an NBI clearance, a certificate that attests that the applicant has no criminal record. So therefore, if your relative has gotten a job or was once employed, her name will show up in their database, unfortunately which includes all her namesakes.

Second route would be the COMELEC, provided your relative has ever voted in any national election.

NSO (National Statistics Office) registers every birth recorded at any municipality in the Philippines. This includes late registrants, those who were never officially filed or registered by their mothers during the birth year.

Problem is, if a person doesn't want to be found, you'll never really find her.

For adoptees, I suggest to talk to your adoptive parents to release any further info they might have withheld like the last known address.

If your desperate, you may try to go on air and do a classic "panawagan", a plea for the missing love one to show up.

As for Missing Kids, you may try calling the DSWD or RAC or the TV stations for help.

If you are merely looking for that Pinay who stood you up on a date or for that visa money, chances are you may find her on


  1. I am going to Manila from Ifugao Province,need a NAME OF a hotel, motel, pension which is clean and safe for one night sleep under $10, CAN ANYONE DIRECT ME PLEASE.

  2. I am researching my Mothers Brothers and Sister. Any assistance on finding these individuals will be greatly appreciated. My Mothers maiden name was Leonila N. Padilla born April 22nd 1938. Her siblings aree as follow:
    Fedrico N Padilla Jan 15. 1936
    Gaudencio N Padilla Dec 14th 1940
    Mario N Padilla June 12th 1943
    Anastasia or Anastacia N Padilla Jan 22nd 1948.
    Florentina N Padilla Oct 17th 1950.

    My Mother left the Philipines in 1965 and has not since heard from her siblings. Please contact my brother at or I believe my mothers family started there life in the provence of Pangasonun. Later most likely moved around the PI area? Thanks to all for any and all help..



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