Thursday, January 1, 2009

What Future Do Prostitutes Have in the Philippines?

I have seen girls in the Philippines in their teens and early twenties prostituting themselves. Most did not finish H.S. and some have told me that ( at 20-21) they have already had 60-100+ customers that they have slept with. Many look terrible, jaded- their faces are ashen, dark circles under their eyes, it is tragic, really.
So, my question is - what happens to them as they get older? What future do they have? Where will they be when they are 30, 40, 50? Will they be able to get married?

That dilemma is a vicious cycle.

what happens to them as they get older?

They get trafficked and get further sucked into the system into sex dens in other Asian cities like Macau or Kuala Lumpur or Geylang in singapore.

Some end up dead at the hands of the syndicates and pimps
Some are unable to overcome their drug use and still remain in prostitution just to support their drug habit.

Some have children from their customers, some have their kids adopted, some sell their kids for money, some are loving moms who keep their kids, but remain as prostitutes to sustain their family

Some prostitutes are able to get out by marrying foreigners, saving up money if they are able to get to Japan as entertainers
Some older prostitutes become pimps themselves

Some become fighters and work with non-profit organizations (NGOs) to get younger girls off the streets and back into schools

If they had a choice you know, they wouldn't opt for this kind of life.
The future is generally bleak for them.

But there are support groups and NGOs working in the Philippines that raise awareness of modern day slavery, working to combat the issue and support trafficking survivors. One of those groups is The Human Trafficking Project

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