Thursday, January 1, 2009

Home security in the Philippines?

I was wondering shouldn't the Philippines have a home security company for burglar alarms that alert the company or police when a break in occurs? I should hope they have a few. If so anyone wanna list a few?

Banks in the Philippines have that kind of security system which alerts the nearest police station.

That kind of home security can only be afforded by the rich. Or is only available in the business districts or gated villages. Some rich people just hire security guards to watch over their properties. But that doesn't mean you are still safe from theft syndicates.

So if you are living in the middle class or lower income areas, you are on your own in establishing your sense of home security. You may rely on barangay watchmen or getting your own guard dog. Or buying pricey burglar alarms.

List of Burgler Alarms or Security Systems in Manila

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