Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bastie Jagora Missing Child Has Been Found

May Quizon, Bastie's mom has been relentlessly looking for her son for more than a year since his disapearance. After doing everything and searching everywhere, even getting people on social media to post her son's photo, they are finally reunited.

Her youngest son Bastie went missing last August 21, 2014. There were even sightings of his son with a group of Badjao kids and 2 adults at the Five Star bus terminal last May 2015 begging for money and food. When she went there, Bastie or any kids were no longer around.

Then a miracle happened on July 13, 2015. May Quizon finally found him through the help of DSWD social workers- Miss Jackie and Mercy.

But the story doesn't end there. It seems bittersweet that Bastie's playmate James Custorio (8 years old) still hasn't been found. He was with Bastie the day they disappeared.

Though the circumstances of the boys disappearance remain unclear as of now, the important thing is - Pinoys should not persecute the moms, losing a kid is hard enough, we should press on with posting the missing boy's photos on Facebook and social media. We can only hope he will eventually turn up.

To May Quizon, this is the most happiness I can feel for a stranger, for a mom finally reunited with her lost boy. Hug him tight and keep him in sight as always! 

On a side note, dahil madaming hindi aware kung ano ang unang gagawin kung nawawala ang anak.Besides filling a report sa barangay at police, launching campaigns sa social media, checking the local morgues, going on-air sa radio and TV. It would be best to go to the DSWD and check with the RSCC.

What is RSCC?
RSCC is the Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC) Quezon City. This is where the local government, policemen, DSWD turn over missing children, street children, abused children, exploited children and abandoned children in the city. Kung may nawawala kayong anak makipag-coordinate sa DSWD or RSCC.

RSCC Address: Misamis Extension, Bago Bantay, QC
Office Hours:Mon - Sun: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Phone number: (02) 927-4244 


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