Wednesday, July 22, 2015

LPG Tank Modus: Fire Safety Inspection Kuno ng LPG Hose

Remind po natin ang ating mga kasamabahay o kamag-anak na huwag basta magpapasok ng tao sa bahay. Kilatisin mabuti.

Hi guys! Morning! This just happened! This guy knocked to our door, and said he is going to check if we have safety devices on our LPG tank to avoid fire, and how many people lives in that house, and he claims that they're company is in partnership with the FIRE DEPT.

So my mother in law let him in, thinking that he's from the gov't, at first he was acting like inspecting, until he starts negotiating about "their safety fire prevention products", and when he asked for my mother in law's valid ID and she left him there alone, he punctured our hose and told her that we have a leak, and told her to buy the hose that he's selling, at that point i called my husband coz my mother-in- law was asking us if she should buy it?

So we talked to him asked him the name of his company, he could barely say it coz we cant understand him when he told us what, and if we could take a picture of his products to inquire first if it is safe, and we'll get his number so that we'll just call him if we'll get it, he then looked alert and kept his safety lock products in his bag, and said he would just let my mom in law decide, and he still kept on insisting we buy the hose, then we told him that he we would ask first and we'll just go to their office that he said was located at Bulwang but he can't manage to give the address, and he did leave in such a hurry, when we checked our hose there's a hole already. We think that his target are senior citizens. Please be careful guys! Inform your oldies about these people or whoever it is that stays at home.

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