Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gretchen Barretto Glutamax Billboard: Skin Whitening and that Kutis Mayaman Glow - Can We Just Show Some Love for the Morena-Kayumanggi Beauties?

Mga mahal kong Pinay maganda ka kahit anu pang kulay ng balat mo! Just accept it, morena is maganda!
Eh pa'no kung kutis mayaman ka katulad ni La Greta ? Eh di Wow! Kung anu man ang skin tone mo celebrate it. Kung tisay ka, that's fine! No need to feel ashamed of our skin color kung anu mang shade yan!

Gretchen Barretto Kutis Mayaman Billboard
Pero naman be realistic, kung hindi ka maputi it's not the end of the world and it's not a good idea to fall into that trap of changing your skin color. Beauty trap yan! In the long run, pa'no yan? Habang buhay mong sasaksakan ang veins mo ng intravenous gluta? gluta pills? chemical peels? papaya?   

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your body, your skin. I admire the Malaysians dahil a good percent of their artistas are morenas (most look like Sarah Geronimo when she first started out in showbiz), ang Pinas at Thailand showbiz though halos lahat ng celebs on the 'white' skin side whether natural or not. 

So I salute the few brave souls who choose to be happy being dark and not influenced by trends or money or huge endorsement deals. You are setting a good example to the next generation of Pinays about loving themselves more. Notably, Bianca Gonzales, Tweetie De Leon, Alessandra De Rossi, Althea Vega, Angel Aquino, Isabelle Daza, Supermodel Danica Magpantay to name a few.

You know you can rock a dark skin tone and simply look amazing! What you can ask your derma is just to ask for a beauty treatment for clear skin and glowing skin (looking radiant without going white). Hence, Bianca Gonzales, she looks great, she's as kayumanggi as the average Pinay. She looks great even without make-up. But you know, I can't push for Bianca's beauty as the norm if you're personal standard of beauty is looking as white and porcelain as possible- yun type mo eh yun Hollywood glamour, Korean Pop look, Spanish mestiza look, the so-called Kutis Mayaman look.

That mindset has to change somewhere and I hope sa younger Filipinas, they would be able to think critically about their beauty choices and not be easily influenced by ridiculous beauty trends. I hope their moms can really explain to them that we all look different and being happy with what you have naturally is best. Which brings to mind an old post- Do native born Filipinos still prefer light skin?

This skin whitening campaign alone makes me sad. But obviously madaming pinagdaanan si ate Jinky Oda growing up mainly issues stemming with her skin tone.But if she's happy now because of this look, then I'm happy for her. If it helps her cope and feel beautiful, okay. But still, when I look at this ad, I wonder about the average Pinays that can't afford such skin whitening treatments.

And this went viral. In fact, it was even posted in one office board as I recall from a friend, as an inside joke when hiring applicants.

Then eto ang perils of just putting globs of skin whitening stuff na hindi BFAD approve or even the legit ones, yung mga ibang Pinay hindi sumsunod sa product label instructions. Pahid lang ng pahid until ma-chemical burn ang balat. There was even a case of skin poisoning sa UST hospital dinala ang victim dahil na skin poisoning sa pinahid na pampaputi.


Okay, seems legit for the alak-alakan and betlogs. That is, kung madalas ang exposure nito in public siguro nga naman mahihiya ka talaga.

Skin whitening products are never going to disappear from Pinoy stores. Pero I hope dumami lang ang mga confident morena-loving Pinays! Kabayan kung alam mo lang kung gaano kamahal ang tanning bed at ang kanser na makukuha mo dun, effort pa, heto ang glorious ng tan mo, chos! Just love it! Postscript lang, taray noh? Kung magpapaputi ka through soaps or whitening creams pwede i-pantay mo ang pahid, isama mo ang leeg mo. Andami ko nakikita sa MRT, ang puti ng mukha pero ang leeg iba ang kulay *SMH*

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