Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pogi Alerts! Poging Baliw Roams Ortigas

Making the social media rounds of Pogi Alerts: a poging pulubi or hot baliw has been spotted bumming cigarettes from call center agents, taking a shower shirtless at an Ortigas fountain, sitting at coffee shops reading the daily. This poging pulubi is sosyal and choosy, he does not accept money below P50 pesos. Bawal ang barya. Well looking good does cost money! Pero naman si kuya ay heartbroken raw kaya pagala-gala, that thing called tadhana ang peg along Emerald Avenue Ortigas.

Unless this is some kind of improv theater exercise, this guy is totally in character and damn approachable for a taong grasa. He may or may not answer your questions, but he won't claw your eyes out. He is deemed a harmless lost soul or possibly schizophrenic or mentally ill. I hope his relatives come and get him off the streets and get him the help he needs.

Ayan si koya poging pulubi madiskarte, hingi ng yosi! Heto ang gusgusin pogi na powers nya in action!


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