Friday, July 24, 2015

Save the El Hogar Building

The El Hogar Filipino Building (El Hogar), located along Escolta Street in the Binondo district and facing the Pasig River, is a skyscraper built in Manila, Philippines in 1914. El Hogar was designed in the Beaux-Arts style and exemplifies elements of Neoclassical and Renaissance architecture. Its beauty is paralleled only by its strength, which has withstood wars, earthquakes and other calamities.


Decades have passed and now, more than ever, the value of El Hogar is more apparent. Its architecture is a preview and a strong reminder of what Manila was like from over a hundred years ago, with its unique design, construction techniques, and materials. Although the El Hogar Filipino Building perdures through the test of time and nature, it remains endangered. If we continue to do nothing, it will collapse under the calamity of its own people.

The UP Architecture Forum implores the Filipino people to join in the cause to protect and preserve our built heritage. El Hogar has been part of our past; let it be also a part of our future.

Stop the War and Save El Hogar.

A show of love for our heritage from some of the country's famous personalities. Help spread the word about El Hogar and plans to demolish it, please ask them to either get their photo taken or say a one-liner about El Hogar.

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